Top 6 Best NFT Picture Frames And Smart Art Displays

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NFTs, like all other artworks, should be put up for display so you can fully appreciate them. However, simply printing the art and displaying it on a traditional frame won’t do it justice – especially if you have a lot of NFTs to display. 

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Read on for a comprehensive review of the best NFT picture frames on the market today!


What Exactly Is A Non-Fungible Token (NFT)? 

Simply put, NFTs are digital ownership certificates that verify your ownership of intangible assets, especially digital ones. Just like traditional art, there’s usually just one original article, and the rest are copies. 

When you buy an NFT – Bored Ape Yacht Club #5465 for instance, you’re the only owner of that specific BAYC picture. Everyone else who claims to own it is a fraud because you own the NFT which acts as its certificate of ownership. 

What Is NFT Art? 

When you boil it down, NFT art is a piece of art (usually digital) with an NFT attached to it. This means you’re the rightful owner of that specific piece of art, even if somebody else clicked save as on it. The NFT or crypto art space helps people in many ways. For people who buy them, digital artworks could be collectible items or investment tools. For people who make them, it can be a source of income through sales and royalties.

With the popularity of NFTs these days, creating an NFT project or collection is becoming easier. Take Tokenfy, for example. It’s a company that lets digital artists launch new NFT collections without technical knowledge! 

Is Digital Art Different From Real Art? 

Digital art is only different from real art thanks to its medium. Being a digital creator doesn’t mean you’re not an “actual artist”, because it needs just as much skill and passion for art, despite what some contemporary artists say. 

NFTs help build the legitimacy of digital art by providing a viable way to trade them outside of tailor-made digital art commissions. Now, just like physical paintings and drawings, you can easily make an offer to digital artists to buy their art.

Can Crypto Art Be Put In Art Galleries? 

As we’ve seen with NFT startups like OpenSea and SuperRare as well as the crypto art space at large, virtual galleries are a valid way to put NFTs on display for potential buyers. 

Crypto art can also be exhibited at events like Crypto Art Week Asia which features an online gallery for event attendees to browse art. 

How To Choose The Right NFT Picture Frames? 

You probably spent a lot of money on your NFT – which is why you need the best digital picture frame to display them properly. To help you find the best NFT picture frames and digital displays, here are some things you need to pay attention to: 

Image Format

Not all digital photo frames have native NFT support. Sometimes you have to save your favorite photos and images, then upload them as a JPG into your smart art frame. Make sure your picture frame supports a wide range of image file formats. 

You should also account for display orientation because some NFTs are better shown on vertical displays and some others are best displayed on horizontal digital art frames. 

Image Quality

You don’t want your favorite photos and NFTs to look blurry in the frame. Find smart frames with an HD display so it can bring out the vibrant colors of your NFTs.


A picture frame’s size is one of the most important things to think about. If you’re planning to put your digital art on display on the wall, consider getting digital art frames sized 21 inches and up. 


The frame’s design is also part of its appeal. Find a frame that fits your overall room decor as well as complements the digital images you’re displaying. 

Ease Of Use

You don’t want to spend fifteen minutes reading pages of detailed instructions to figure out how to upload digital artworks. Buy a digital frame that’s intuitive and lets you display your favorite images within minutes. 

Storage Capacity

Another important part of digital picture frames is storage capacity, whether it’s built-in hard drives or external storage. This is especially important if you’re planning to cycle multiple NFTs on the display. 

Extra Features

You should also note other features in your frame of choice. Some digital picture frames let you display pictures directly from the cloud, or feature speakers that let you play audio that come with NFT video clips. Some of them even have a built-in motion sensor or other types of proximity sensors that turn the frames on when you walk past. 

Create NFTs with Tokenfy No Coding Required.


The Best NFT Picture Frames On The Market 

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite NFT picture frames available today!

1. Netgear Meural Canvas II

  • Screen size: 21.5in
  • Price: $499.99

Netgear Meural Canvas II is a classy picture frame that looks like something you’d find in a gallery. Its large 21.5in screen is complemented by a 1080p screen and TrueArt technology, ensuring whatever you display on it will look its best. These digital art frames also support cloud and external storage access, which means you can upload your digital art library and your personal photos any way you like. 

2. Canvia – Digital Art Canvas

  • Screen size: 27in
  • Price: $521

Canvia is an elegant smart digital frame that comes with ArtSense, a technology that makes anything displayed on it look like a real canvas painting to enhance the visual experience. Another feature that may interest you is its crypto wallet connectivity – all you need to do to upload your crypto art collection is link Canvia to your digital wallet!

3. BlockFrameNFT – Digital NFT Display Frame

  • Screen size: 21.5in
  • Price: $395.95

BlockFrameNFT is a digital frame that only displays NFTs and is one of the most affordable options on this list. Its easy setup lets you display your crypto art collection simply by connecting your wallet to the frame. Moreover, these digital art frames only let you display NFTs that you rightfully own thanks to their authenticity measures. 

4. The Frame by Samsung

  • Screen size options: 32in to 75in
  • Price: $599.99 to $2,999

This Samsung Frame TV is a double-duty screen that acts as a television as well as a digital picture frame for your favorite images. The Samsung frame’s double purpose makes it a great choice if you have limited wall space at home because you only need one place to display your NFTs as well as watch TV. 

5. Blackdove Digital Canvas

  • Screen size options: 49in to 98in
  • Price: $1,512 to $14,700

Despite its hefty price tag, Blackdove is still a great NFT picture frame choice thanks to its bright 500-nit screen and 4k 60FPS display. If you buy several of these picture frames, you can also link them up to create a massive video wall!

6. Lago – The Frame

There isn’t much known about the Lago Frame’s specifications since this product is still in the pre-order phase. However, this frame promises big things and advanced technology like gesture and voice controls that let you interact with your NFTs as well as a mobile app that lets you display new NFTs directly from your digital library. 

NFT Picture Frames FAQs 

While there are some similarities between regular digital art frames and NFT picture frames, there are also several key differences. To help you learn more about NFT picture frames, we answer several key questions:

When did digital art appear?

If we’re talking digital art in general, one of the earliest examples of digital art was created in the mid-60s when Kenneth Knowlton and Leon Harmon converted the photo of a woman into computer pixels. Meanwhile, the first piece of digital art in the NFT space is Kevin McCoy’s ‘Quantum’, created in 2014. 

What do you need to know before buying a digital frame?

Before buying digital art frames, you need to know what kind of frame you need. You can narrow the key factors down into:

  • Budget
  • Frame size
  • Display quality
  • Aesthetic
  • Additional features
  • Built-in mobile device connectivity or 3rd-party app support

Once you list down what you need out of your digital frame, you’ll have an easier time shopping for one.

How to display your NFT art as a real-life image outside?

Because most NFTs are stored on digital devices, there are no ways to display physical versions for printing them out and framing them. The second best thing you can do is purchase an NFT picture frame and connect your wallet to it, displaying them properly.

Closing Thoughts 

With the rise of NFT art these days, many companies are getting into the game of NFT picture frames. If you’re looking for the best NFT picture frame to display your digital art, be sure to know your desired specifications and find the frame that fits the bill!

If you’re planning to create a new NFT project, Tokenfy has you covered. Sign up and find out how to launch your own digital art collections without any technical know-how!

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