How To Create NFT Art On Mac (Complete Guide 2022)

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MacBooks are known to be the digital artist’s primary choice for personal computers. It’s a reputation well-earned, thanks to the great rendering ability and user experience found on Apple devices. Naturally, this leads to the notion that Macs are great for designing NFTs as well, which is completely true!

In this guide, we’ll cover what you need to know about creating an NFT on Mac and how to sell them.

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What Is NFT Art? 

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. “Fungible” means that an item is easily exchanged with another item of similar value or type, so non-fungible tokens can’t be as easily exchanged or substituted with another item. 

A good example of a fungible item is fiat currency. If you have a $20 bill and exchange it with another $20 bill, the values are identical. Moreover, you can also exchange your $20 bill with a pair of $10 bills, and it’ll still hold identical value.

Meanwhile, non-fungible items are like paintings. Say, you own the Mona Lisa and your friend owns The Birth Of Venus. While both are legendary paintings, the two items don’t hold the same value and cannot be traded with each other easily.

NFT art is created when you attach a non-fungible token to a piece of art or other digital assets. The NFT then acts as a certificate of ownership, which means whoever owns the NFT also legally owns the original assets. Every single NFT is unique and cannot be duplicated, which makes NFTs limited and rare. 

The rarity of NFTs makes them great collectible items. Like baseball cards and Beanie Babies, some people are drawn to collect NFTs because they think these digital assets will increase in value as time passes. Some people also “flip” NFTs, buying a digital asset at a low price (such as when a limited-edition NFT collection is first launched), then selling it at a profit on secondary markets. 

That being said, NFTs aren’t just about the crypto artist selling for a profit. Some collectors buy NFTs simply because they want to support the NFT creator. 

NFTs are hosted on the blockchain, a digital ledger that records all transactions made on it. The most popular blockchain that hosts this type of cryptographic token is Ethereum, but there are alternatives like Tezos and Binance Smart Chain. People usually trade NFTs on crypto marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare. There are also exclusive marketplaces like NBA Top Shot, which only sells NBA-related sports moment NFTs. 

To buy NFT art, you need a crypto wallet to store them. Some popular options are Coinbase and MetaMask Cryptocurrency Wallet. In addition to the wallet, you need to fund it with the primary cryptocurrency used by the blockchain technology. 

Benefits Of Creating NFT Art

Creators are more likely to profit from NFTs since they can directly sell their artwork to fans, meaning that they don’t have to split the profit with galleries, agents, or other third parties. 

Because there are no third parties interfering with or influencing the creative process, a digital artist also has more flexibility in creating art with NFTs. This can take many forms, too – crypto artists can launch one-of-a-kind items, a limited collection of exclusive crypto assets, or generative art collections like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Creating An NFT On Mac 

Creating an NFT on Mac as a crypto artist isn’t much different from creating an NFT on PC or other devices. First, you’ll need:

  • A piece of high-quality digital art – the art pieces could be images, videos, songs, or even screenshots
  • An account on an NFT marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible
  • A crypto wallet like the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet
  • Some cryptocurrency native to your blockchain of choice

Once you have the aforementioned items ready, you simply need to follow the steps outlined in the instructions of your chosen NFT marketplace. We’ll cover these steps in more detail later in this guide. 

What’s The Best Software To Make NFT Art On Macbook? 

There are many NFT-related software products with amazing features on Mac OS, from image creators to NFT minters. But which ones are the best for making NFT art pieces? Here are our top picks!

NFT Creator

Price: Free to download with an optional subscription at $3.99/week

This app is a one-stop shop for all your NFT creation needs. The NFT Creator app allows you to both create artwork from scratch or apply filters to existing photographs to make them fit for NFT minting. With a few extra taps, you can even mint and sell your NFT art on marketplaces like Nifty Gateway and SuperRare!

Adobe Illustrator

Price: $31.49/month with an Adobe subscription

This illustrator software is one of the most famous world-class tools used by graphic designers and artists worldwide. Years of experience have led Adobe to build one of the strongest illustration tools in the industry that allows you to create designs, fonts, logos, icons, and many more with ease. Moreover, there are plenty of tutorials that can get you from beginner to master as soon as possible. 

However, Adobe Illustrator doesn’t have native NFT minting capabilities. After designing your NFT, you still need to mint it yourself on a marketplace.

Adobe Photoshop

Price: $31.49/month with an Adobe subscription

Another handy creator software from Adobe is Photoshop. This photo editing software can help you create NFTs from existing photographs – simply manipulate and enhance your images with numerous customizable brushes and settings. If you’re planning to create animated NFTs, Photoshop can also help you make animated GIFs.


Price: Free to download with additional features at $7.99/month

SketchAR is one of the most powerful tools in this list because it lets you scan physical artwork and convert it into NFT-ready digital art pieces. This NFT art generator holds weekly art competitions where winners get free NFTs that they can collect or sell. 

Nifty Ink

Price: Free

Nifty Ink is an awesome creator software with a built-in digital painting process. Create NFTs to host on the xDai/Gnosis blockchain even without a wallet – Nifty Ink will provide a burner wallet for you. Once you’re done, you can then transfer your NFT art to OpenSea.


Price: Free to download with additional features at $8.99/month

Fotor makes it easy to create NFT art pieces, thanks to its machine learning algorithm that converts your photos into an oil painting style. All you need to do is upload your photos, choose the style you prefer, and you’re done! The pictures can then be downloaded and minted on NFT marketplaces.

Can You Create NFT Art On Mac Without Coding? 

Many people think that they need to learn coding to make NFTs. Fortunately, that’s not true anymore. These days, most NFT marketplaces have a built-in minting process that lets you create NFTs without having to write a single line of code. 

All you need to do to create NFTs on marketplaces is to prepare the artwork you’re planning to tokenize, fill your crypto wallet with payment tokens, and follow the instructions given on your chosen marketplace.

How To Create An NFT On Mac 

Now that you’ve learned what NFT art is and which apps are the best at making them, it’s time to learn how to create NFT art on Mac. Here’s how you can become a crypto artist in six simple steps:

Step 1: Create A Piece Of Art

First of all, create your art pieces. This artwork can be anything you want – images, videos, animated GIFs, songs, or even screenshots. As long as you own the legal rights to it and you’re not stealing it from anybody else, it’s fair game to be made into an NFT. 

Once you’ve decided on what art form you want to make, get to work! Pick an awesome creator software and go through the creation process. Make sure to back up your art pieces in case your device crashes or an error happens. 

Step 2: Get A Crypto Wallet And Add Some Crypto

Crypto wallets mainly store your cryptocurrency and NFTs. Some of the most popular wallet options include MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. Most crypto wallets only support certain blockchains, so make sure that the digital wallet you choose supports your blockchain of choice. 

Once you choose the digital wallet, fill it with cryptocurrency to pay the gas fee. Log on to a crypto exchange and purchase the primary coin of your blockchain. For instance, if you’re using an Ethereum digital wallet, you need to pay gas fees with ETH. 

Step 3: Pick A Platform To Sell On

Once you have a funded wallet, pick your marketplace. Popular choices for a crypto artist include OpenSea, SuperRare, and Rarible. 

Choose wisely because different marketplaces mean different audiences, and NFTs that are popular in one marketplace may not be popular in another. Some marketplaces also require the digital artist to pay gas fees with their own tokens, like Rarible which uses RARI instead of ETH. 

Step 4: Pick A Blockchain

Your choice of blockchain also influences your audience. Moreover, some blockchains are more congested than others, so your gas fees may vary. Whichever blockchain you choose, make sure that your crypto wallet supports it.

The most popular blockchain choice is Ethereum, but there are also other options like Tezos, Cosmos, and Binance Smart Chain. Take a look at what each blockchain offers to an NFT creator, so you’re sure you make the right choice. 

Step 5: Minting Your NFT

Now it’s time to become an NFT creator, officially. Open your NFT marketplace account and upload your digital file. Afterward, fill in key details like its title and description. You can also set a royalty amount to get a portion of the sale price on any subsequent secondary sales. 

If you’re lost or confused at any point during the minting process, refer to the NFT marketplace’s step-by-step guide to uploading and minting your artwork. 

Step 6: Selling An NFT

Finally, decide how you want to sell your NFT. Most platforms offer three methods of sales:

  • A fixed-price sale where you set a value and the first buyer willing to spend that much gets the NFT
  • A timed auction where you hold an auction for a certain amount of time, with the highest bidder winning the NFT
  • An unlimited auction where you can end the auction whenever you want

Once you choose the sale method, pay the listing fee and you’re done! Your NFT art pieces are now listed on the exchange for the world to see. 

Next, get the word out. Take to social media and announce that you’ve launched a new NFT so people visit the marketplace and bid on it. If you want to take it one step further, hire influencers to promote your NFT and create even more buzz around your NFT project. 

Key Takeaways 

A Mac device is one of the best options for creating an NFT collection because it offers many NFT creator apps and is intuitive and powerful for designers. In addition to creating NFTs with dedicated apps, you can also make artwork with other software and mint them yourself on marketplaces.

Looking to become the next big NFT creator? Tokenfy has you covered. Check out our services to jumpstart your NFT collection – even without any coding knowledge!

Creating NFT Art On Mac FAQs 

What software can I use to create NFT art on Mac?

There are many software options that you can use to create NFT art on Mac. Some apps help you create the art itself, others help you mint and list your NFTs, and some even do both! Here are several examples:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • SketchAR
  • Nifty Ink
  • Fotor

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Whatever software you already use to create digital art, you can also use it to create NFT art.

How do I turn my art into NFT on a MacBook?

To turn a pre-existing art into an NFT on a MacBook, you need to mint it on an NFT marketplace. First, you need to have:

  • A digital file of the art piece
  • An account on your NFT marketplace of choice
  • A crypto wallet filled with coins to act as payment tokens

Then, it’s a simple matter of visiting the site, uploading your digital files, filling in the details, and paying the minting fee (if applicable).

Can you make an NFT for free on a MacBook?

You can’t make an NFT for free on a MacBook because most NFTs require a blockchain transaction fee. However, some NFT marketplaces like OpenSea now offer a gas-free minting option. You can also look into “lazy minting” which shifts the blockchain transaction fee responsibilities to your buyers.

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