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Most people think of NFTs as just static images. However, NFTs can be more than that. They can be animated GIFs, songs, or even video game items. If you’re a digital artist specializing in animation, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a complete guide on how to create and sell NFT GIFs!

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What Is An NFT GIF?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital certificate of ownership attached to assets like images, videos, artwork, and GIFs. These tokens make it so there’s only one owner of a certain piece of art in the entire world. Because it makes digital objects unique, NFTs have become digital collectibles with a massive market worldwide.

The trade of NFTs is recorded on the blockchain, which acts as a digital ledger. The blockchain contains information on every transaction of digital assets performed on it, and anyone can see it so you can see which person bought which NFT as well as where they got it from. There are many blockchains in operation today, with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Tezos being some of the prime examples.

Recent developments in NFT technology expanded its purpose beyond just being collectibles. Many brands and companies have now seen its potential as limited edition digital items, event tickets, authenticity certificates, and even digital real estate.

NFT GIFs are just that – NFTs in the form of GIFs. These digital assets are animated, not static like most other NFTs. This category also includes sports moment clips like the NFTs sold on NBA Top Shot.

Why Are NFT GIFs Important For Artists?

NFT GIFs are great for artists because it gives them an additional medium of expression in the NFT space. In addition to still images, digital artists can now experiment with a new medium through NFT GIFs. Moreover, digital artists who specialize in animated art now have an entire category of NFTs that falls in their wheelhouse.

In addition to becoming an additional medium to create, NFT GIFs also give digital artists an extra way to earn money and put their names out there. Similar to static digital artwork NFTs, NFT GIF creators can sell their work on marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible to earn money and support from the community. 

Why You Should Consider Making An Animation NFT

Making animated NFTs is a big step if you’re not used to it. If you’re still on the fence, you should consider the benefits you’ll get by making NFT GIFs:

Gain Creative Freedom

One of the best things about being an NFT creator is the creative freedom it grants you. In contrast to working at animation studios or production companies, being an NFT creator means you’re your own boss. You’ll be free to create to your heart’s content and make anything that you think will sell.

However, this does mean that you should have a good idea of what you want to make. If you’re a solo NFT creator, you need to be a marketer as well as a creator so your work can appeal to the community. 

Experiment With A New Medium

As an artist, you may feel the need to branch out or try new things. Animated NFTs can help you do just that. If you’re already an NFT creator, the landscape will be similar so trying new things won’t be as daunting. If you haven’t dabbled in NFTs but are familiar with animation, you’ll also know what you are doing so there isn’t too much of a learning curve.

Reach A Larger Audience

NFTs are still a niche market, but the support within this niche is incredible. The NFT market is predicted to grow by $147.24 billion in the next five years, which is no small feat. This means that NFTs are a new gold mine for content creators and traders to profit from, and it’ll continue to be lucrative years down the line. 

One of the most important factors in NFT’s growth is its community. Token holders often rally and gather in dedicated Discord servers to discuss the future of the project as well as support the creators. Celebrity token holders for collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club also help bring awareness of non-fungible tokens to the general public, pulling in more and more support as time passes.

Receive Passive Income

Most NFT creators receive money from selling their work on NFT marketplaces. However, these sales aren’t the only way that a digital artist generates revenue from their art. Many NFT marketplaces offer the option of royalty payments. 

Setting a royalty on your NFTs means you get a portion of the sale price every time your NFT changes hands on the secondary market. If your NFTs are traded often, then it could be a constant source of passive income.

Advantages Of Animated NFTs 

There are many benefits that you can gain as an animated NFT creator. Here are just some of them:

  • Create multiple art pieces faster through generative art
  • Experiment in a new medium with complete creative freedom
  • Get passive income through NFT royalty schemes
  • Sell your work to anyone around the world

Disadvantages Of NFT GIFs 

That said, there are also several disadvantages and challenges when you’re creating NFT GIFs, namely:

  • Still image NFTs tend to be more popular than animated NFTs
  • There may be an extra learning curve if you’re not familiar with animation
  • Creating animated GIFs tends to be more work than still images

Can You Start Creating NFT GIFs? 

Yes, you can! Just like still NFT art, you can start at any time you want. What you need to create NFT GIFs will be covered in the next section. 

What Do You Need To Create Your First NFT GIF? 

To create your first NFT GIF, you’ll need these:

  • A computer capable of creating animated GIFs
  • An NFT marketplace account on a popular site like OpenSea or Rarible
  • A cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet
  • Some crypto tokens to pay gas fees 

How To Create & Sell Your First NFT GIF 

With everything prepared, it’s finally time to become an NFT creator! Follow this step-by-step guide to becoming an NFT GIF creator in no time at all.

Choose An NFT Platform

First, you need to choose the blockchain. There are many options, but the most popular one is Ethereum.

Open A Digital Wallet

You also need a digital wallet to store your tokens and your currencies. One of the easiest crypto wallets to use is MetaMask because you can use it right on your browser.

Connect Your Wallet To An NFT Marketplace

The next step is to connect your wallet to the NFT marketplace. There are many NFT marketplaces available, so choose whichever one fits your audience the most and create an account there before connecting your wallet. 

Create And Edit Your GIF Timeline

With all the preliminary preparations done, it’s time to create! Whether you’re creating an animated GIF from scratch or clipping an existing animation piece, make sure that it meets the marketplace’s duration and GIF file size limits. If your clip is too large, you may need to edit it down or clip it so you can upload it. 

Drop Your Animated Digital Art

Once you have the GIF in hand, you can then upload it to the marketplace. Fill in key details like its title and description, then you can mint it! Pay the fees and get it listed for sale on the marketplace.

Most marketplaces allow you to either sell your work for a fixed price or put it in an auction. Pick whichever method fits your needs best and your NFT GIF is now finally on sale!

Promote Your Animated NFT Art

Your journey doesn’t end when the NFT is listed. If nobody knows about it, then how can you sell it? Take to social media and promote your NFT GIF collection to the community. If you have the money, you can also hire NFT influencers to market your collection so it reaches more people. 

Key Takeaways 

Creating NFT GIF art isn’t too different from creating static image NFTs. The only extra thing you need to learn is how to create great animated GIFs. 

Looking to become the next great NFT GIF creator? Tokenfy has you covered. Check out our services to see how we can help kickstart your newest NFT project!

Creating An NFT GIF FAQs

Got more questions about creating NFT GIFs? We’re here to help with common answers to some NFT GIF creation questions:

How to make animated NFT art?

You can make animated NFT art with online tools and software like GIPHY, Photoshop, and Ezgif. Once you have the art file, you just need to upload it and mint it on the marketplace. 

What do I need to start creating NFTs?

To create NFTs, you need a computer or other design tool, a crypto wallet, some cryptocurrency, and an account at an NFT marketplace. 

Can I make NFT GIFs in Photoshop?

You can make NFT GIFs in Photoshop! Once you have the file ready, you just have to mint it so it can be turned into an NFT.

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