First NFT Projects Use Tokenfy for Minting Site and Smart Contracts

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Tokenfy provides Minting Sites and Smart Contracts in a simple creator suite.

The First NFT Projects to Use Tokenfy

Tokenfy is on a mission to democratize access to NFT launches so anyone can quickly and safely create an NFT project without knowing how to code. We will help 100 million creators and businesses launch their collections in the next ten years. Our Full Project tier also includes a Tokenfy Minting Site and Smart Contract.

Naked Headz

Naked Headz was the first full project to launch using the Tokenfy platform. Naked Headz is a collection of decomposed pop culture icons trying to find their way to the most fantastic nightclub in existence, i/O Underground.

Naked Headz used Tokenfy Minting Site and Smart Contracts for their collection

The team has built and continues to build an ecosystem for the dead to run and riot in. Built around a revolutionary nightclub that syncs physical raves with virtual ones, the Naked Headz team connects actual world events with a metaverse aspect.

The world is spawned in The Nemesis, a first-of-its-kind metaverse landscape accessible by computers and mobile devices on the Ethereum blockchain. I/O underground is currently in beta testing and will be ready for public release sometime in late spring. Check out the demo of Nemesis:

The team behind Naked Headz has worked with powerhouse brands such as Apple and Nike. Collectively they bring a wealth of experience that will help solidify them in the metaverse but will also validate the space beyond speculation. The team is on a mission to disrupt and solve challenges faced in the physical world through innovation in their virtual environment.

Naked Headz team used Tokenfy Minting Site and Smart Contracts

The Naked Headz team was not only the first collection to mint on the Tokenfy platform, but they also used our custom minting site. The custom minting site gave them complete control of the drop, the branding elements, and the minting experience. Each Full Project incorporates the minting site alongside your ERC-721 Smart Contract ownership.

Tokenfy Minting Site and Smart Contracts for Naked Headz

Bitbones Nemesis

Bitbones Nemesis launched a week later and was the second full project to use our ERC-721 Smart Contract and incorporate our custom minting site.

Tokenfy Minting Site and Smart Contracts for Bitbones

The Bitbones Nemesis collection was quite different from Naked Headz. Bitbones had a successful launch before working with Tokenfy. The Bitbones Genesis launch was a collection of handmade pixel skeletons. 1000 Bitbones invaded the blockchain last year (2021) to wage war with their mortal enemies, the Nemesis. Each Bitbone was hand generated using over 300 unique traits.

The follow-up to the sold-out collection was named Bitbones Nemesis and used the Tokenfy ERC-721 Smart Contract to deploy the collection of 5000 battle-ready humans. They’re one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn, machine-generated pixel warriors. Bitbone collectors could even sacrifice a Nemesis piece to the Altar of Fire to summon a Sandbox avatar from the VX collection.

Bitbones artwork

The Bitbones collection was all drawn by one person showing the Tokenfy contracts’ versatility. Simple to create and use for a team of five or a team of one.

Tokenfy Mission

Our mission is to democratize access to NFT launches so anyone can easily create a successful project without knowing how to code. Our big, audacious goal is to help 100 million artists, builders, and creators launch NFT projects over the next ten years.

We believe that the lines between “creators” and “collectors” will become more blurred in the years to come and that everyone has something to create and contribute.

We believe that NFTs represent the greatest value-unlock of potentiality and untapped creativity in humanity’s collective history.

We believe the most extraordinary artist(s) of all time will be discovered in the next decade because of the economic incentives created by NFTs.

We believe to participate in Web 3.0 meaningfully, you must own your smart contract.

We are committed to inclusivity and equality of opportunity and will sponsor and incubate NFT projects from underrepresented and underserved communities.

Tokenfy Roadmap

Agile Development

Tokenfy developers will continue to add additional smart contract and minting site templates, improve functionality, and introduce more tools and features to make launching NFT collections as easy as possible.

Generative Art Algorithm

Tokenfy will launch tools such as generative art algorithms that will combine art layers according to rules and rarities for the algorithmic creation of your NFTs.

P2P Marketplace

NFT project creators may choose to use smart contract and mint site templates developed by the Tokenfy team OR smart contract and mint site templates built by third-party developers.

Continual Improvement

The Tokenfy mission is to continually improve the Tokenfy platform until it is the Shopify for NFT collections, helping millions of artists, builders, and creators launch NFT projects and bring their blockchain dreams to reality.

(View our full Roadmap here)

If you have an epic idea for the next big NFT, we invite you to try Tokenfy. Save time building your community or creating incredible artwork, not coding smart contracts and minting sites. We got that covered for you.

Check out for more information on how we make it quick and simple for creators to launch an NFT collection. And you can always see what projects are upcoming by checking out our Upcoming Projects page.

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